What is new in OS X Mavericks operating system

Apple officially set the gold master release of OS X Mavericks OS for 22nd October, 2013. Upcoming Mac Pro will features OS X Mavericks. So it is time to check what is new in OS X Mavericks operating system.What is new in OS X Mavericks

First of all Apple didn’t make too much change within OS X Mavericks. The improvements that made by Apple is so needed within Mac OS and that can be experienced through new OS X Mavericks.

What is new in OS X Mavericks

AirDrop is one of the promising feature that you can find within iOS7, the feature that adopted from OS X Lion. In the same way OS X Mavericks also enriches by some of top features from iOS, iBook and Maps.

iBook on Mac

Now you can download store and read the favorite iBooks on Mac through OS X Mavericks. The iCloud support will allows to find the iBook in all your iDevices. App store will provide more than 1.8 million iBooks for you. The OS X Mavericks will support reading of multiple iBooks at a time. The handy notes and highlighting through colors will makes easy reading facility within OS X Mavericks.


You can find inbuilt Maps within OS X Mavericks just as within iOS. With high end graphics of Mac OS you will get incredible mapping experience, zooming becomes more smooth and clear. The interactive 3D experience make a feeling of virtual travel over the globe. You can easily find out hotels, restaurants and other local places with one click, real time traffic reports helps to choose right route. You can bookmark your favorite places within OS X Mavericks Maps and can get review from other people. You can also send the map of favorite places to your iOS device with one click.Maps - OS X Mavericks

Finder tabs

The finder tabs within OS X Mavericks consolidate all needed windows within a single place, so that you can find the desired files easily. You can easily switch between these tabs,can customize and order them to in a mode which you wish to see. OS X Mavericks also support to move the files between the tabs, you just need to drag and drop them to the destinations.


Even an average user have large number of files to keep and find it difficult to organize all of them. That is why OS X Mavericks introduced tagging within files, helps to organize the files more efficiently. You can tag the files  with any tag as you wish even within iCloud files, can find those files by clicking the tags under finder tabs. Tags also let you to groups the files within multiple iCloud libraries.

Smart notifications

You will get all the notification you needed right within the application you are in through OS X Mavericks. It will let you to interact with the messages, FaceTime calls and to mails through notifications. Also updates from websites and alerts from other sources becomes more easier with OS X Mavericks, will stay up to date while you are away and provide complete notification at one click.smart notifications

Advanced Safari browser

The advanced Safari browser within OS X Mavericks provides new way of browsing experience, helps you to share links in side bar and can discovers those are shared by the friends through Social networking sites. The Nitro Tiered JIT and fast start technologies in Safari helps you gets the webpages in responsive and fast mode. You can also organize the top sites within Safari browser, also can order bookmarks in the way you like.

iCloud keychain

The iCloud keychain will allows you to keep your online password securely, will only store your passwords upon the devices you have approved in. The iCloud keychain will protect your password through robot 256- bit AES encryption, will automatically fill them upon the next time you try to login. It will also generate strong passwords for you for online.iCloud chain

Multiple Displays

You can find a smart using of multiple display within OS X Mavericks, can use full screen or windowed apps separately or together. Each tabs will support by separate menu bar. You can also drag and drop the windows to anywhere you want.

Automatic updates

OS X Mavericks will automatically updates the applications just as you seen within iOS7. This automatic updation is applicable only for those are purchased through Mac app store.