What is new in iOS7 mobile operating system?

There is no  doubt at all  that the biggest announcement that everyone wished to heard from WWDC 2013 is iOS7 itself. It officially gets announced by Tim Cook the CEO of Apple. So what is new in iOS7 mobile operating system?

The innovatibe iOS7Apple iOS7 mobile operating system is the first ever iteration from Apple designer Jonathan Ive. The completely redesigned mobile operating system from Apple surely turns to the future of iDevices.

The new control center

The control center within iOS7 provides quick access to what you need to do exactly at very next instant. It includes different controls and application launching, so that you don’t have to go to setting to control  pplications. You can perform such tasks right from any screen including the lock screen within your device. It includes

  • Turn on or off airplane mode.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Brightness and screen orientation.
  • Songs playing and other media player options.
  • Airplay connection.
  • Calculator, camera and flashlight options.

Notification center

The advanced notification center within iOS7 brings all the new things you want to know at one click. It includes new mails, missed calls, birthdays, memos…Etc. The ‘today’ feature within the iOS7 notification center helps to make a quick glance at various things you have to follow. That is birthdays, weather updations, traffic…Etc. The user can access the notifications by just swiping down the screen. It can perform any screens including the locked one.New features within iOS7

Smart multitasking

Apple always provides smarter multitasking within all version of its mobile operating system. The multi-tasking within iOS7 even becomes smarter than previous version. The iOS7 OS updates the applications before you launch them. In other words if you switch for your social application everyday at 9 am then your feed will ready for you before you launch it.

Whenever you hit the home button for twice iOS7 will brings you the all the opened applications. To close any of those applications, just swipe it up, you can close a number of applications at a time within iOS7.

Camera and photos

The camera within iOS7 provides new photographic experience to you. It derives advanced still, video, panorama now square front and center feature right to your shots. The square model brings Instagram like ratio for you ,will see your shots with a new look within iOS7. It provides new grouping system such as collections, moments and years. iOS7 also provides different filters to add more effect to your imagesYou can see a smarter filtering of photo groups according to year, place…Etc.photo feature within iOS7

Secured and smarter sharing with AirDrop

The iDevices always provides a right way to sharing the datas with your friends. But we wished for something like NFC to share the things with nearby friends. The AirDrop feature within iOS7 helps you to share the datas securely and within no time. The only thing you have to do is the select the right files you wished to share, then tap share and choose the desired recipients. You can perform this feature through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. As the datas are transferred through encrypted mode it is becomes more secured sharing. It includes photos, videos, contacts and any contents from any applications.

Updated Safari browser

The updated Safari browser within iOS7 brings net level browsing experience to the users, in search tabs, sharing, security and many other. You will only see the whole pages whenever you are scrolling through it. You can move to front and back pages just swiping through the screen. The new version of Safari browser show off consolidated view of different tabs you have opened on the browser.

The iCloud chain  helps you automatically moves the passwords, username and security numbers to your account right from Safari browser. iCloud chain uses 256-bit AES encryption so that it rovide high security for you. To close any tabs within safari just swipe it off the screen. Safari also let you to know about the URLs posted within your Twitter timeline, also the updations from your friends about that content.

iTunes radio

The iTunes radio within iOS7 fulfills your music addiction by providing next level entertainment. It provides live streaming of your favorite radio stations within your iOS7 running devices. It is available within iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Other than default stations within the service you can search out and add new stations to the service.iTunes radio

Updated Siri

The intelligent personal assistant Siri within iOS7 have new interface and look. It shows a sound wave while you talking to it and show off the result it a full screen. It provides both male and female voice. In new version it becomes clearer and louder. Siri within iOS 7 can teel you about more content as it uses resources like Bing, Wikipedia and Twitter. You can also comment to Airi to to actions like

  • To make Facetime call.
  • Appplication launching.
  • iMessage.
  • Calender entries.
  • Social networking posts.
  • Music launching.
  • Emailing.
  • Web search.
  • Settings.
  • Contacts.

App Store

The new App Store within iOS7 brings a number of features, brings  best collections of apps that suit with your location. The new wish list within app store help you to save apps and purchase them later. Also the updations of applications will do in background and will launch with your permission.