What is new in chat box style composing box in Gmail

A perfect composing box itself is what you expecting from a mailing service. Alright, Gmail officially introduced new chat box style composing box today. Check what is new in chat box style composing box in Gmail.

What is new in chat box style composing box in Gmail

New composing box in Gmail provide simpler, faster and cleaner mailing experience. Google plans to provide new pop up like composing box for both desktop and mobile versions. They will also provide trails for many users in coming weeks.

Chat box style composing box in Gmail

  • New pop up style composing box, inserting options, text formatting, recipient fields are beautifully designed.
  • New Gmail composing box won’t interrupt you from doing other things.
  • Can read new mails while composing another mail.
  • Could verify the mails through checking verified Google+ account while hovering the cursor over mail ID.

How to get new composing box in Gmail

  • After the authentication you gets into your inbox
  • Click on compose button on top left
  • A  new pop up box will appear on the screen with an indication of new compose box
  • Click on new compose experience at bottom left of the box
  • The account gets reloaded to enter to new compose box
  • The new compose box will appear at bottom right
  • You can also switch into older one with ‘switch back to old compose’ in the menu bar.