What is new in Apple 2012 model iMac

Apple’s iMac s most prominent dekstop series in techworld.  Now they relased new 2012 model iMac. Here what is new in Apple 2012 iMac.
What is new in Apple 2012 model iMac

‘All-new design. The desktop. In its most advanced from ever’ | ‘Beautiful widescreen display. Brilliance onscreen. And behind it.’ | ‘High-perfomance technologies. It’s just as spectacular on the inside.’

The screen size and display quality have its own importance in many electronics products. The innovative company Apple had great vision on every aspect of product design. The new iMac series have 21 inch and 27 inch LED backlit displays. The IPS technology promises great bright look from any angle. The vibrant color tone and ultimate sharpness in wide screen offers new experience to users. The 21 inch iMac have a resolutions of 1920*1080 and 27 inch have 2560*1440 resolutions.iMac series

The 21 inch iMac is powered by 2.7 GHz/2.9 GHz quad core Intel core i5 processor and 27 inch have 2.9GHz/3.2GHz quad core Intel i5 processor support. Each one is featured with 6MB L3 cache. These will results to ultimate PC performance with 8GB DDR3 RAM supports. Any amount of stuffs can be stored right within your PC as new iMac series have 3TB hard drive. The 3D games and HD videos are getting performed in lightning speed with new NVIDIA GeForce graphic support. It can give out fast performance than any other graphics. The 27 inch iMac is also have 768 GB flash supports. Apple introduced Fusion drive in new iMac series so that it will manages the data flow to hard drive and flash storage.New Apple iMac

Both 21 inch and 27 inch iMac is featured with four USB 3 ports for external connectivity and the new USB ports are 10 times faster than that of previous ports. Bluetooth 4 and 802.11 n Wi-Fi makes wireless access at its best. Bluetooth 4 is highly supportive to Apple wireless keyboard and for magic mouse. The code less connection are far time better than that of wired connection and Bluetooth 4 helps to bring out this ultimate experience. The advanced video calling is promised with HD facetime camera through fast network.

The new iMac series performed with most advanced OS X Mountain Lion operating system. File operations and iCloud actions are much improved with OS X operating system. Also it is a great destination for many effective softwares. The 21 inch iMac has a rate of $1299 and 27 inch has a rate of $1799.