What Google Doodles taught us- Logo redesigning from search giant

Google doodle are the  logo that we can see on the homepage of Google on special occasions. By including changes to the logo on special days, Google shares the message of the importance of particular day. So what Google Doodles taught us ?

what Google Doodle taught usGoogle publish doodles on its homepage on special days like festivals, birthdays of famous personalities, anniversary of great explorations and so on. It’s the best way chosen by the search giant to make world aware of the speciality of the day.

What Google Doodle taught us?

Google till now have published approximately more than 1500 doodles all around the world. Some of the doodles they publish in their homepage are Global doodles, which will be available on its homepage landing all over the world and some others are local doodles.

Google sometimes publish funny doodles using cartoon drawings and sketches in the homepage. In case of special days like ANZAC Days, Independence Day, Memory day and such special days observed for the commemoration of special people who lived and died for the country Google honor them with doodles which makes us remember about their life and sacrifice.official google logo

Animated doodles and interactive doodles that we can see on Google homepages attracts everyone who takes the homepage of this search giant. There are a set of doodles designers in Google to handle and create this section. The imaginations and creativity of these people are reflected in each of the doodles that appear on Google homepage.

In one way we can tell that Google doodle is a way by which Google educate us. Even a child who is browsing through the net will take the homepage of search giant once in a while. So seeing a doodle in it, a curious student will click on it and will get the knowledge of importance or specialty of the day.

Google started publishing the doodles in the homepage by making small changes in the original Google logo from the year 1998. The first ever doodle published in the Google homepage was designed by Larry page and Sergy Brin, the co-founders of Google. The concept of doodle was made a realty on August 30, 1998 when these people put a stick figure on the second ‘o’ of Google logo letters to make people know they were out for Burning man festival.The first ever doodle

Since then Google decorated its homepage more than 1500 variety doodles. To make students know about the doodle and to bring out the talent in them Google is also conducting Doodle 4 Google competition every year. The winning doodle will appear on the Google homepage and wonderful prizes will be given to the winners. Year by year the number of participants are getting increased for this competition.

So doodles are the way in which Google honors famous personalities like scientist, poets, artists, mathematicians, singers on their birthdays and make them remembered by the world. New Year, Happy holiday doodles and other festival doodles increases the color and joy of the day. Interactive doodles makes us spend a few minute on the specialty of day.