What do you really ‘Like’ in Facebook?

There are about 1 billion active users for Facebook in the world. The most used feature by the Facebook users are ‘Like’ button.  By liking the post that our friends share in Facebook the main aim of Facebook to stay connected gets simpler.

Facebook LikeMark Zukerberg, the CEO of Facebook created this social networking site on 2004 understanding the human nature to be in contact always. It was in the year 2009, Facebook included like button in it to make users express their likes to the posts, status and shares of the friends.

In Facebook there is also option for liking the pages of your favorite stars, sports persons, products, movies and others. By doing so you can get updates from your favorites every day. So we can say that it’s not just an entertainment which matters in Facebook more than that Facebook is providing with all information’s that you need.

According to the survey conducted it’s reported that in a day there occurs an average of 2.7 billion likes which implies that in a year it’s about 955 billion like button clicks are occurring through Facebook.

Most important thing about of this Facebook feature is that many big brands use this for business development and increasing popularity among common medium as it’s one of the common medium used by the people to keep in touch with each other.

In Facebook there are many official pages which were created by prominent brands of the world in all fields including mobile communication device manufacturers, network service providers, movie production units, game development organizations so on. Now a days due to increasing popularity of Facebook, almost all the new product releases and updates are announced through Facebook pages as it has got a high reach.

Like button of Facebook is accepted by people with open hands. Now it has reached to such a level that you will get Pepsi cans in exchange for a Facebook like. This new idea of Like Machine, which works similar to our barter system is accepted by people. Its seems to be a quite interesting move from the brand. Yes, if you have a Facebook account now you can get free Pepsi cans from Pepsi Like machine by liking the page.

This move from Pepsi shows the popularity of Facebook among people. While clicking like button of a post, status or image by your friend they will be send a notification and indirectly a link is formed with them. Your this particular move is included in your time line and news feeds also.Thus Facebook make you link with your friends easily.

This like button for expressing your interest is included in many sites now. In some cases along with the like button dislike button is also included which give a voting format for it. Increase in likes for our post will gives a sweet happiness for our mind that is why studies have proved that Facebook account can be used for curing mental diseases.

In between there were many controversies regarding the patent right for this ‘Like’ button. Whatever is happening around it does not bother the Facebook users, they are continuing the Facebook liking as they were doing since 2009. The inclusion of Like in Facebook was just the beginning of improving relationships through the largest social networking site.