What can we expect from Google project loon

The base of any technical innovations is nothing but the availability of internet itself. Google’s presence on making availability of faster internet is seen with the introduction of 1GB/s Google Fiber. Now the search giant is all set to launch for faster internet access to the remote area by balloons. So what can we expect from Google project loon?

what can we expect from Google project loonThe first question that strike o your mind after heard about Google’s new internet project is why they are planned for such a project. The ultra-fast Google Fiber service can’t be implementing with a remote area as it is just like 4G service. That it is only be available for a large community.

According to Google analysis the two out of three users didn’t get fast and affordable internet connection. There are several things that cause slower internet connection. It can be mountains, jungles, rivers…Etc. Also the charge demand by the provider also turns to be a barrier for internet access. Google aimed for a future project that will thrash out all these barriers.

Through the new Google loon project the Company will send out huge balloons to the stratospheric winds. These balloons are gets connected by each other. The geographical areas covered by these balloons will get internet access with affordable speed through beams. Such a system can provide an internet speed of more than 3G networks.

Google will balance the direction of these balloons with solar energy. So that developers can moves the up and bottom at your wish. So Google can place those balloons to the right direction to get maximum coverage. It can be done in all rural and remote areas. Google all set to start the loon project in New Zealand areas which expands to the other areas in very short time. So Google loop surely turns to the future of remote areas as internet can change everything withiut no time.