What can expect from upcoming Windows 8 operating system

Microsoft already announced that new redesigned Windows 8 release scheduled for 26th October. Here what can expect from upcoming Windows 8 operating system.
what can expect from upcoming windows 8

Each version of windows coming with much improved and became more stable than that of its previous version. Microsoft windows 8 provides the users to different experience as it undergone many major redesign and improvements. The very first major change that Microsoft had made in their new OS is it is not only design for desktop computers but also for tablets.

The new metro design of windows 8 makes it more worth full. The application content focused and typography based design of metro gives new experience in PC. The metro design in windows 8 replaces the start menu button that is used in current versions. So in windows 8 we can see the start menu as icon based design and all our applications are pin on the tablet theme. Users can also move on to older view by desktop view title in the metro. So new start up menu in windows 8 help us to access applications programs and any of our favorites easily.

One of the main changes in windows 8 that we never easily notify is the customization and settings. It can’t be seen in startup it can be access by moving cursor on the top left of the screen to launch all settings and customization menu. The Win+F navigate you to the searching tool of windows 8 so you can access any contents easily also you can search for how to perform a particular task. You can also perform multiple applications at a time.

The powerful web experience is promised by the unveiling of internet explorer 10 in windows 8. IE 10 is featured with do not track so that your entire online task being under going in private mode. It also promises for speed and security. The file operation in Windows 8 is much improved. Teracopy allows you to pause and resume on failed attempt on different files and helps to skip the content which are already exists while copying. Windows 8 boots up within no time with hibernation.

Windows 8 also promises for easy factory restore with two powerful options refresh and restore. Refresh and restore keys helps to returns the system into the state of after installing the OS. The refresh key allows you to keep the files and reset key remove all of them. The powerful restore option very much helps to avoid repeat installation of the OS.

Microsoft also unveils new applications stores for provides effective applications for new metro version. Many functionalities in windows 8 can’t be easily identified by the users. The control panel and power options only seen by moving cursor to top left in metro theme. Also when you undertake a multiple attempt on any programs then that will be pinned to the task bar. Also there is no closing option in any metro interface applications so that that programs always runs in the background. To close such applications you need to move your cursor to the top of that application and drag them to bottom or use Alt+F4. All these makes windows 8 to little confuse.

You can upgrade to windows 8 if you had a genuine windows 7 PC otherwise wait until October 26th for the official release.