What can expect from android studio and Google Play game service

The annual developers conference organized by internet search giant Google started today. It is held at San Francisco, California. At the meantime Google introduced  android studio, Google play game service and Google All Access music streaming service. So what can expect from android studio and Google Play game service

Google IO 2013

What can expect from android studio and Google Play game service

Android studio

The main aim of Google I/O is to provide innovative technologies and offers the developers a better platform. Google android studio becomes a key service that provided by Google I/O 2013. It is an integrated development environment for building innovative applications. It offers a best ever tools for application developers.

Google android studio is an application tool kit based on IntelliJ. It is a Java IDE provided by the JetBrain developers it is also referred to as IDEA. It provides more option for android application development. It saves the time of development through make the process faster.android studio for developers

With android studio IDE developers can provide an environment to switch between different layout and screen sizes. That is you don’t have to worry about your dimensions of your android device for accessing an application developed through it.

Android studio helps the developers makes changes within the application while creating it. They will also get the preview of changes that they have made so that the developers can confirm whether it is in right form or not. So the new service from Google boosts up the productivity of application in less time.

Google android studio offers a number of emulators to gets the preview of development of applications. Other than this the service offers various optimization tips and beta-tester control and revenue graphs. These features areintroduced to the world by Google project managerEllie powers at Google I/O 2013 event.

Google play game service

Android gaming gets a new leap with the new Google play game service. Google launched game service today in Google IO which provides the backend support rather than a standalone application.

Google play game service includes features multiplayer gaming, leaderboards and cross platform support. Cloud save option is also incorporated with the Google play game services.Google games services

The social network of the search giant Google is also integrated with the new game service. Google plus members can use this gaming service by Google to compete with their friend in the circle and also with others interested in playing the game. The changing gaming habits of common man is taken care by Google and it provides a new gaming experience for the android users with this game service.

With the new Google play game service the search giants are now aiming to integrate games in android, iOS and web. Many popular android games are ready and updated with this new service.

Google All Access music streaming service

Google is now ready to compete all other music streaming services with their All Access paid music steaming service that is announced today in the Google annual developer’s conference.

This new paid service from Google charges $9.99 per month for the application after its trial usage for 1 month. All Access music streaming application is designed to be used on your tablets, smartphones and web browsers. World of music will hopefully enter in to a new turn with this new music streaming service by Google.Google music streaming

All Access will take all the advantage ofGoogle vast database and searching algorithms to make it a perfect music service. This service focus on personalized recommendations for users on tracks they prefer to hear by analyzing their listening habits. With the option explore user can switch on to radio station and adjust the tracks according to their preference.

With this new music streaming service Google is getting in to a direct competition with all leading services that we have now. They have already signed with many leading music groups including Universal music group and Sony entertainments.