What can do with Google now for iOS

iOS users can have Google Now service in their devices now. This Google intelligent application that updated you with the information what you need can now be integrated with the Google search application for iOS. So What can do with Google now for iOS?

What can do with Google now for iOSAs we see in the Android activated devices Google Now for iOS is also used to perform similar functions. By using the vast knowledge Graph Google Now provides you the information that you want before asking for it by studying your searching style.

This new application by Google for iOS devices will take over the Google v/s Apple competition to a new turn. Though Apple iPad and iPhones conquered the mobile market up to great extend Google have always taken advantage of it. Now it’s seems that Google is getting stronger again.

What can do with Google now for iOS

With Google Now all the information’s that you need to know will be available in the form of cards and if you want more specific updates and information’s you can customize the app according to your wish and get the information’s you want at right time. The cards that are available in your devices can be viewed by just swiping up the bottom of Google search application.

Provides you the timely information

Google now give you the timely information though you haven’t asked for it if you have signed in with Google account. If you ready to go out with your friends Google now updated you with the weather conditions and traffic of the area.

The main advantage of the application is that it don’t want the GPS to be on so that we can get the updates with minimum battery use. If you are ready for an outing with friends or family Google Now updates you with the best spots nearby to visit an spend your time in a better way.

Provides you the timely information

You can set what you want and make the search better

After all Google’s intelligent application provides what you need before you ask you can also set what you are interested in manually to get more updates of your interest. Though Google Now gives the results after analyzing the database and your frequent searches it don’t know all about you so by setting the area that you interested in you can make the app work exclusively for you. So just mark and set started for the updates on your favorite sports team, movies, places with Google now.

You can search by directly asking casual questions and get whatever information you need. For voice search just tap in the microphone symbol and ask what you need in your way, Google will reply for it and image search can also be made much effective with what you really ask for by just clicking it.

You can set what you want

How to get started with Google Now for iOS?

To get Google Now in the iOS devices you have to get it integrated with the Google search application. As its not Android platform it has got some limitations while working in iOS. It cannot be handled with the same flexibility that we have for Android in iOS. For example Google Now doesn’t have compatibility with Google Apps while running on iOS.

The only thing that you have to get the Google Now service in iOS is that just download the latest version of Google search. Then you will get the brief introduction on Google Now after installing it. To access the service just sign in with your Google account, accept and allow Google to use the location and other information to deliver you the Google Now services.