What can do with Facebook poke message application

Facebook always makes the connection between people more closer by introducing new tools and services within the site. Today they introduced Facebook poke message application. So let’s check what can do with Facebook poke message application.what can do with facebook poke message application

World’s most popular social networking site Facebook launched in the year 2004,had seen the feature poking from that year. Poking is a way of reminding the loved ones without having texting or chatting. The poking in Facebook helps to inform someone that we are reminding them. There is no texting or any type of conversation. Basically poking is done to remind you for checking he profile and confirming the requests.

What can do with Facebook poke message aplication

The basic feature of new Facebook application is the poking itself. But what makes the application so advanced is that other than poking it let the users to send photos videos and messages to their friends. You can also fix a specified time for your messages that it will expire after that time. The allotted times for such messages by the poke applications varies as 1, 3, 5 or 10 seconds. When the specified time went off then the message will disappear from your poke application. The poke application helps to poke several friends at a time. It makes the sharing faster. When a friend had poked you with some content press and holds the message until the specified time runs out.

 The new poke application has clear similarities with snapchat service. Snapchat is a newer way to share your favorite photos with your friends. Snapchat provides ever fastest way of photo sharing. It is ten times faster than current MMS service. The application is available for iPhone and android devices. Users can control how long have been their shared content exits with friends. After the specified time runs out the contents will automatically disappears. You can also share the contents with more than one by tapping multiple friends in send to category in the application.

To using the snapchat application you need an account with snapchat. The application also allows the users to block from sharing snaps with them. To block someone:

  • Go to main menu.
  • Select my friends.
  • Locate the desired name from the list.
  • Swipe to right against the name.
  • Press edit.
  • Click on block.

To unblock someone go through the blocked users then select the name and tap unblock. Depending upon the snap sharing the application updated the best friends list weekly. It also showoff how many sharing you have done with your friends. So the new poke application from Facebook shows clear resemblance with snapchat application. Anyway in short time the poke application becomes best competitor to snapchat.