What are new features of Linux Mint 14

Linux Mint is a Linux based operating system for desktop computers. In every six months newer version of Linux Mind got released since 2006. Now the open source development team introducing new Linux Mint 14. Let us check what are new features of Linux Mint 14.What are new features of Linux Mint 14

The reason for why Linux Mint versions are far better than that of baseline Ubuntu is it included many proprietary softwares. That is the typical operating system featured with many codecs and plugins to improve the performance. The addition of Java, Adobe flash, MP3 and DVD playback of Linux Mint change the ecosystem of previous Linux. Linux Mint got released first time in the year 2006. There from in regular intervals new versions of Linux Mint got unveiled.

What are new features of Linux Mint 14

The very latest one is Linux Mint 14 Nadia. The newer version promises for user friendly experience and stability. Other than free of cost and development under open source authorities Linux Mint 14 is focused by the users for improved features. The main aim of Linux Mint 14 is to make your desktop computer more comfortable to you. To attain this goal the latest version of Linux Mint comes with updates softwares and lots of improvements.

The implementation of MATE 1.4 bring you new generation desktop environment. The addition of Mate 1.4 offers more stable desktop with ultimate quality. The advanced bug fixes allow making up your favorite desktop mode. MATE codes are newer version of GNOME. Each version of MATE comes with more functionality to improve desktop environment and graphical user interface.

MATE 1.4 includes features such as toggle button to show and edit path, file conflict dialogue box with file compare button, Macro composing and character map. These functionalities promise to provide user friendly desktop environment.

Cinnamon is one of active utility in Linux Mint that allows making easier interaction with computer by desktop metaphor. Linux Mint 14 featured with Cinnamon 1.6 to provide more flexible actions. You can create multiple workspaces according to your wish and this will allows sorting your activities.

Also the window quick list shows off all your favorite applications at one click. So that you can easily access any application right from desktop. The notification Applet in Cinnamon 1.6 shows you live updations and featured notifications. This will helps you to do right task at right time. The presence of Nemo in Cinnamon 1.6 allows file browsing configure your workspaces and also to makeup desktop presentation.

Linux Mint 14 also featured with advanced display manager MDM the new featured application helps you to turn on your own theme format. With MDM you can avoid time consuming user name typing. That is you simply selects the theme with users list and choose from that list you want to login as. It also allows face detection to unlock the screen.

The new software manager avoids faster crashing of application and allows getting in to applications soon. The multimedia support and safer desktop experience is the key factor of Linux Mint. Each time the newer version of this operating system comes with much improvement. The main reason for it is open source development authorities. It is in number fourth position in top operating systems list.

System requirements for Linux Mint 14 Nadia

  • 1 GB RAM support.
  • More than 5GB of disk apace.
  • 32 bit or 64 bit x86 processor with PAE.
  • Graphics card.

Linux Mint 14 is developed for to provide complete user friendly experience. The design of each version of Linux Mint focused in consumers suggestions and feedback on previous versions. You can upgrade to Linux Mint 14 by using simple tool otherwise collect fresh copy of latest Linux based operating system from online.