What are new features in Moto G Smartphone

With the concept of modular Smartphones through phone blocks Motorola proves that they are on the way to provide revolutionary handsets. Today Motorola officially make an announcement for November 13 Smartphone event, to introduce new Moto-G Smartphone. Here what are new features in Moto G Smartphone

What are new features in Moto G SmartphoneFirst of all Motorola make the announcement of upcoming Smartphone through new Moto-G website. Within Moto-G site you can see that a video is embed within the center position, spin in frequent intervals by showing different geographical locations, so what does it means?

What are new features in Moto G Smartphone

As you know Moto X is the first ever Smartphone assembled in United States after the acquisition of Company by Google. But unfortunately Google didn’t make Moto X Smartphone for International market. This limitation going to break by the introduction Moto G Smartphone, will go for international market. This is one which they try to make inform through the video embed within Moto-G website.

By means of international market, Moto G Smartphone will available in UK, India, Spain, Australia, Germany, France and Brazil. The Moto-G site also indicated the release of new Smartphone on 13th November, you can sign-up there to get live online announcement of Moto-G Smartphone.

As by @evleaks Moto G Smartphone will have 4.7 inch 720p resolution screen. Moto G Smartphone will be a water resistant phone, will have special water resistant coating within the screen, will provide better outdoor experience. Moto G will powers through quad-core Snapdragon processor, will available in 8GB internal memory format.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is another key element that you are going to meet with Moto G, powered by bluetooth smart, Smart keyboard, restricted profiles and built in security scan, on the camera side it will have 5 megapixel one, won’t like a clearpixel camera like Moto X. As by reports Moto G will available for $215 at off contract, detailed specification will announce on 13th November at Moto G event.