What all things can do with Windows 8.1 start button

The biggest change that made by Microsoft within Windows 8.1 is bringing the start menu, need some correction exactly the start button. Here what all things can do with Windows 8.1 start button.What all things can do with Windows 8.1 start button

Why the Microsoft clickable logo found within lower left corner of taskbar within Windows 8.1 desktop mode is not start menu? It is because it never return a handy search bar or dedicated program list as that of Windows 7. Only show off the start screen or application view, that is why it is called as start button. The change of start button in Microsoft logo mode also becomes attractive.

What all things can do with Windows 8.1 start button?

You know very well that within your previous Windows 8 PC clicking at the bottom left of taskbar brings the start screen. Now within Windows 8.1 there is a dedicated button to switching for start screen. The start button within Windows 8.1 work across desktop mode and start screen. It is important to be remember that you can’t disable the start button within Windows 8.1.

When you are on the metro interface of Windows 8.1 you can’t see the start button.The real use of Windows 8.1 start button comes when you make right clink on it, will bring several useful shortcuts. Power options like shutdown, restart, sleep and sign out within start button, similar to that of shutdown method in Windows 7.

start button shortcutsThe shortcuts within Windows 8.1 start button

  • Programs and features.
  • Power options.
  • Event viewer.
  • System.
  • Device manager.
  • Network connections.
  • Disc management.
  • Computer management.
  • Command prompt.
  • Task manager.
  • Control panel.
  • File explorer.
  • Search.
  • Run.
  • Power menu.

How these shortcuts within Windows 8.1 start button helpful is it skips the searching within the OS, that is you know the incorrect keywords may lead to end with Bing results. The shortcuts within start button also skips the number of steps you have to follow within an operation and saves your time.