will waze software acquisition make Google Maps more efficient

The internet search giant Google always focused on to make its services to perfection through constant research. Now its web mapping service became even more innovative with real time traffic updation with waze. Will waze software acquisition make Google Maps more efficient

waze software acquisitionThere are plenty of rumors rendered about the acquisition of web mapping software Waze. The new web mapping software acquisition announced by Google through the official blog post. “To help you outsmart traffic, today we are excited to announce we have closed the acquisition of Waze. This fast growing community of traffic-obsessed drivers is working together to find best routes from home to work every day” Google shared in official post.

Waze software acquisition by Google

Google acquired this innovative web mapping service with $1.3 billion. Waze is a real time traffic informing service that uses valuable traffic informations from millions of drivers. In such way the service provide exact traffic informations to get on right path. The Waze service already has 50 million users today.

In previous year Waze got about 90 million traffic reports from the drivers around the world. Also the service makes real time updation within its database. Once the Google acquired this service its web mapping services including Google Maps and Google Earth get data richness.

We know very well that the real impact of mapping services found within Smartphones and Tablets. It is also because of this, service becomes more powerful while we got stuck out in any places. Once Google integrate this service to Google Maps and Google earth it  becomes a unique destination to find out whole traffic data.

It’s also thought that this service also becomes beneficial in Google’s self-driving card system. As the data are collected from the experienced drivers the service never tends to any wrong information sharing. The real time updation itself is the key feature behind this service. It is also a reason behind the acquisition by Google. We can hope that Google services integrate with Waze will update soon.