NASA’s Voyager I spacecraft leaves solar system

It can be termed as NASA’s Voyager I spacecraft not travels to infinity, it is to beyond infinity. Yes, Voyager I spacecraft leaves solar system. Voyager is the first man made spacecraft to exits solar system and to enter interstellar space.Voyager I spacecraft leaves solar system

Voyager I spacecraft launched back by NASA in September, 1977. Now the 36 year old space probe travelled more than 12 billion miles and goes beyond the solar system. NASA reported that Voyager I spacecraft travelled more than one year through plasma. Now the probe is in interstellar space and still the Sun can make some influence on the probe.

“Now that we have new, key data, we believe this is man kind’s historic leap into into interstellar space. The Voyager team needed time to analyze those observations and make sense of them. But we can now answer the questions we all been asking- are we there yet? yes we are” Ed stone NASA’s Voyager space scientist said.

How NASA confirmed Voyager I spacecraft leaves solar system

NASA scientists determine the actual position of a spacecraft through the plasma environment. Voyager I spacecraft didn’t have a plasma sensor and scientists make use of coronal mass ejection of Sun to trace the position of Voyager I. In March 2012 a massive coronal ejection had happen from Sun. 13 months later this Sun storm had reached at Voyager I spacecraft.

Through this Sun storm the plasma around Voyager vibrate wildly. The wave instrument of Voyager detect this movement and determine the density of plasma. It counts 40 times denser plasma which calls the evidence of interstellar space.interstellar space

NASA scientists reported that Voyager I spacecraft will send the every details it found within interstellar space until 2020. Scientists said that within short time Voyage I will goes beyond where there is no influence from Sun. They looking up for every single bit of informations from interstellar space through Voyager I. As Voyager I spacecraft leaves solar system NASA dreamt of touching new destinations in space.