Video messaging in Skype service becomes official

The VoIP service Skype always finds to improve the way of communication through introducing new tools. Now video messaging in Skype service becomes official, will available for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS.

Video messaging in Skype service

At the present stage video messaging in Skype available only for US and UK users. The service will expandable to globally in short time. The new feature will allow you to send video messages up to 3 minute duration through Skype. In the case of regular users there is a limitation in the number of video messages. But the premium users can send any number of video messages and their messages won’t get delete from the server.

Video messaging in Skype service

You can make video messaging to Skype contacts, will reach for both in online and offline mode. The quality of video messages will depends on the camera you chooses for recording.

It is a fact that multimedia contents can easily catch the attention of peoples than other formats. It also can convey the message at lightning speed. So that it can save time and increase the efficiency of communication. It is real fact behind the unveiling of new feature by Skype. Also your favorite moments can easily be share with your loved messaging in VoIP Skype

How to make video messaging in Skype?

  • Sign in with your Skype account.
  • Goto contact list.
  • Right click within the contact name whom do you want to make video messaging.
  • Click on send video message.
  • Make a video clip and send the clip.