Technological marvel: Vibrating pen that clarifies the spell mistakes

Spelling and grammar mistakes are the common situation that is encountered by everyone. You don’t have to worry any more here a vibrating pen that clarifies the spell mistakes, Lernstift.

Vibrating pen that clarifies the spell mistakesYou are  familiar with different types of word processors that allow us to make documents without spell mistakes and grammar mistakes. But these softwares are only work with computer based devices. We commonly used pen to write documents, letters…Etc. It is became a common tool for writing purpose. When we write documents manually we encountered with many mistakes for sure. It may be in the form of spell and grammar mistakes.

Vibrating pen that clarifies the spell mistakes

The German technical Company Lernstift developed a high-tech pen that detects the spell and grammar mistakes. They provide this effective writing tool to focus upon all ages. But it is becomes a blessing for childrens who learn the language for first time. It can also catch up the errors with letter formation. When you encountered with errors the pen respond with vibration. The real time errors correction leads us to the perfection in short time.

The learning pen lernstift contain a special sensor which is a combination of gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer, it measures the movements of writing perfectly.


The advanced sensors that built into the Lernstift pen instantly detect the errors that made with the form of letter and buzzes. Each time the pen tool will inform you about the error you have made with the document. The Company plans to provide this effective high tech pen to primary level students in the Country. In short time it will available in whole part of world.