Verified profiles in FB rolled out officially

Facebook is meant for connecting the people together. Other than talking to our friends we use FB for getting  updations from celebrities and legends. The presence of fake profiles redirects us to wrong place. Now verified profiles in FB rolled out officially.

Verified profiles in FB The first quality of social networking giant Facebook is that we can find almost everyone within it. That is other than our friends and relative we can connect with celebrities, sport stars, musicians…Etc. But when we search for their FB pages, it ends with so many results tagged with one particular person. We can’t easily verify which is the right page or profile. Now through the verification mark from Facebook one can easily identify the right page or profile.

 Verified profiles in FB

After you searched out for the one profile or page of a public figure check whether there is a blue badge next to their name. If it exits then you can confirm that that page or profile is real one. When you hover the mouse pointer over the blue icon then you can see that it prompt the verification message.

Until now we recognize the official page or profile through the verification announcement of the right persons. Following public figures became the habit of everyone. In such a way the number of fake profiles and pages increases every day. For ensuring the security Facebook rolled out the verification mark for such profiles and pages.

Once you liked or followed a verified page you will get time to time updation from that page. So that you will gets right news from right persons. Once you find fake page or profile you can report it as violation and it’s against the Facebook terms and conditions. The Facebook help center  is also a great advantage for the users to go through a perfect social networking experience. Users should go through that section frequently for the right usage of Facebook.