Venezuela Independence Day 2013 Google Doodle with National Bird

As in the previous year Google came up with a beautiful doodle to celebrate Venezuela Independence Day. It’s 202nd Independence Day Venezuela celebrating today. It was with this Google doodle in the homepage Venezuelan people was wished by Google.

Venezuela Independence Day 2013 Google Doodle
Venezuela Independence Day 2013 Google Doodle (July 5, 2013)

In the Venezuela Independence Day 2013 Google Doodle we can see an image of their national bird replacing letter ‘g’ flying with ribbon of  flag colors in the beak. Venezuelan Troupial, is a beautiful bird with orange ,black and blue color in its body. Venezuela Doodle includes all the beauty of the bird and message of the day in it with this design.

It was in 1811, July 5th Venezuelan declaration of Independence took place. It was from the Spanish Crown Venezuela got Independence. The strong will for people of Venezuela to have a nation with equality and freedom of expression made them capable of building this perfect nation.

Venezuela also celebrate this special day in special way as we can see in every other country. Group gatherings, parades and celebration are common in Venezuela on the day. Venezuela Independence Day is one day which is celebrated with great importance by the people over there.

Venezuela is the country with great historical and geographical importance. We can see many beautiful places in Venezuela. It is a country which is estimated to have high oil, petrol and natural gas reserves in the world. This makes Venezuela to have a better place in the world.

Music, arts, literature, science everything has got importance in this country. People over there has got a great interest for all these and we can see many prominent people from Venezuela who have showed their talent in all these areas.

Venezuela is gifted with many geographically beautiful places including the largest waterfall of the world. Margarita Island, Sand Dunes at Los Medonas, Beautiful mountains with lots of flowers and greenery, perfect climate for life. All these makes Venezuela best among many of the countries in the world.

Beginning from morning, the celebrations for the day last till night. People travel to all the important tourist places on the day with family and enjoy the day. In most of the places celebrations will end up with a beautiful fireworks in the sky.