Vecernicek’s 46th Anniversary Celebrated with Doodle

The Vecernicek’s is  a television program in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Vecernicek’s 46th Anniversary Celebrated with Doodle by Google on January 2nd, 2011.

Vecernicek's 46th Anniversary Celebrated with a Doodle
Večerníček’s 46th Anniversary(January 2, 2011)

The Večerníček’s Google doodle is designed in such a way that, it resembles a cartoon picture. Vecernicek’s 46th Anniversary Doodle is given a bluish background which gives more attraction to the boy on horse. The toy horse, colorful stars ,birthday cap,  altogether doodle represents the fun and joy of Vecernicek’s in a simple way.

The cartoon show began in 1963.From that 1st day itself  program  has got a great publicity among the children. Now it became a part of Czech culture. Along with the children now parents and grandparents also look forward   for the show.

Each fairy tale of the show last for five minutes. The Vecernicek series typically have 10 to 20 parts. The entry and return of Vecernicek has got its own style. In Czech television show, the entry of vecernicek is in a car which then change in to horse and bike saying good evening to all an finally the show end by saying goodnight.

The graphic work did by Radek pilar and the music by Ladislav Simon is outstanding. In Slovakia the show starts and ends in a different way .There the story opens by showing an old man and a dog in kennel in a hilly area.The story starts when the old man switch on the stars using a special stick and end by showing the old man and the dog returning back in to their house and kennel.

Vecernicek’s 46th Anniversary Celebrated with Doodle , it points out importance of show in Czech Republic. Vecernicek’s Youtube video is widely seen by children all over.