Romanian poet Vasile Alecsandri’s birthday marked by Google Doodle

Monday’s Google Doodle on Romania marks Birthday of famous poet, politician, playwright and diplomat Vasile Alecsandri. It’s 193rd birthday of Alecsandri celebrated in Google Romania with this doodle.

Vasile Alecsandri Google Doodle
Vasile Alecsandri Google Doodle(July 21, 2014)

Doodle in tribute to Alecsandri includes his portrait at center. Roman Tolici is the designer behind the doodle. Alecsandri Vasile was a dedicated artist, he contributed to Romanian art and literature to a great extend.

You can see the doodle for 24 hours on Google Romania homepage. Clicking on Google Doodle for Alecsandri, you will be directed to search page for him, listing all details and prominent works by him.

Vasile Alecsandri

Vasile Alecsandri was born in Romania, on 21st July 1821. Alecsandri was a kid passionate about art and literature from childhood itself. After primary level of education , in 1838, Alecsandri wrote his first article. From then  through out his life pen was his companion.

After marriage and tragic death of his wife, Alecsandri enetered in to political field. Alecsandri was the part of Revolutionary movement. It was during 1948, he started his political caareer, Alecsandri wrote many political poem giving ideas and strength to Romanians. Alecsandri became MP of Romania many time.

Alecsandri’s most famous works got birth during 1860’s and 70’s. He wrote more than 50 poems during this period. Monarchical rule ended in Romania on 1947, till then, ‘Long Live the King’, wrote by Alecsandri in 1881 was chosen as the National Anthem for Kingdom of Romania.

For Alecsandri’s contibution to Romanian culture and literature, he was honored by giving many awards and titles. One of the play by Alecsandri got Romanian Academy Award. Alecsandri was featured in Romanian postal stamp out in 1965.

Some of the notable work of Alecsandri includes Little Tears and Little Star dedicated to his first wife, Romania’s Awakening,Dacia Literary, Ovidiu. Poems dedicated to soldiers who fought for nation was also a noticeable work by him. Alecsandri worked in translation of poems in different languages.

Alecsandri died on 1890 August 20th , due to cancer. For his contributions and achievements, Google dedicated the doodle on Romanian homepage today.