Google celebrated Valentine’s Day Brazil 2013 with doodle

Google celebrated Valentine’s Day Brazil 2013 with doodle . Though in most of the countries Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th, the day dedicated for St. Valentine in Brazil it’s celebrated on the day dedicated for Saint Anthony.

 Valentine’s Day Brazil 2013 with doodle
Valentine’s Day Brazil 2013 with doodle (Jun 12, 2013)

Valentine’s day Brazil 2013 doodle in the homepage of Brazil clearly reflects the innocence and purity of love. Google Doodle pictures a boy and girl sitting on the rocks in a beautiful place with full of greenery and sharing their love. Red heart is always linked with love, in this doodle also it includes beauty and message of love.

Google logo is presented in an attractive format in which letter ‘l’ is replaced with a tree and letters ‘o’ are replaced with the picture of boy and girl. Though there is many pictures in the doodle it is presented such that it won’t make a crowd in it.

Celebration in Brazil on this special day dedicated for love, romance and sharing of love is similar to other countries that celebrate their Valentin’s Day on February 14th. It’s the feast of St. Antony that Brazilian people celebrate as Valentine’s Day as he is regarded as matchmaker there.

Giving cards, flowers and gifts to the loved once to express the feeling of love is common in this day all across the country. Love is a feeling which does not have any barriers, without love life is incomplete, so a day specially dedicated for love is celebrated in grand way by Brazilians.