Valentines day 2014 (United States) Google Doodle

Google published US version of animated valentines day 2014 Doodle on the homepage of country on 14th February 2014. A separate interactive valentines day Doodle also available for other countries.

Valentines day 2014 (United States) Google Doodle
Valentines day 2014 (United States) Google Doodle (February 14, 2014)

Within valentines day Doodle for United Sates, you can see six different heart structures named crush, Mr.right, first kiss, 4 ever yours, puppy love and blind date. Each of those ‘hearts’ represents integral parts of love relations.

Once you hover the mouse over those hearts it will shows play button in it’s center, a tutorial audio will also buffer when you hit on hearts and will explain about importance of this  special valentines day Doodle for United States.

Valentines day 2014

You can click on any heart within this valentines day Google Doodle. Each will brings audio playback of true stories from people about their love relation. These stories merely depends only the heart you hit from the Doodle. That is you will hear a story about first crush when you hit the heart named as same.

While the audio playback going on you can also see beautiful animations on the desired heart with beautiful background music, also reminds you about such moments in your love relation.

Valentine Doodle

Through this Valentines day Doodle the search giant wants to reminds you about the most sweet moments of your love relation. It also gives message about such moments are exactly strengthen the relation between two peoples, that you like to keep in memory forever.

US citizens celebrates the valentines day by exchanging various gifts such as flowers, cards and candies. They also managed to arrange special meals in popular restaurants across the country. Biggest celebrations and relations are found in Colorado Spring and EI Paso cities.

Valentines day is not all a holiday in United States all government office, schools and other organizations opens as usual on this day. But restaurants becomes more crowded on valentines day because of romantic parties in US. In United States valentines day also found as popular date for weddings.

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