Valentine’s Day 2013 Google Doodle

As usual Google came up with itsValentine’s Day gift to the world. Yes, a beautiful doodle which reflects the essence of love in its true sense. Feeling of been loved is something beyond explanation. So a day dedicated for love and lovers has got great value in today’s world.

Valentine’s Day 2013 Google DoodleGoogle included a dynamic doodle in its home page.It was not only a Valentine’s Day doodle was also a  Birthday doodle for George Washington Gale Ferris. In Valentine’s Day 2013 Google Doodle they included a search option for Ferris.Google doodle was designed with a theme of Amusement Park in its back ground. The two Google letter ‘o’ are replaced with the picture of Giant wheels and the entire doodle is given a party feel. Doodle designer have also included a series of pairs of animal in it.

First we can see the picture of horse and tiger who share the love by watching sun set together. Then we can see the octopus and bear. After that on click on the heart shape we can see the love of Rabbit and Dolphin in the doodle. Likewise Elephant, monkey and many other animals are included in the doodle which shares the love in the lover’s day.

We can see a comic touch in entire doodle. The inclusion of Google logo letters in a variety style with the rides in the park adds beauty of the doodle. Red heart for love is also included in the doodle with a perfect and stylish look.

Last year also Google published a beautiful doodle which reflects the love.  It was one of the best dynamic doodle that Google released till now. It included a beautiful story of two couples with background music and theme. It was Michael Lipman who did the animation for this.

It’s from the year 2000 Google started to publish Valentine’s Day doodle. From then the beauty of the doodle increased year by year. Google always have tried to include red color which symbolizes love in its doodle. Red roses, balloons, hearts, red strawberries have become part of Google’s Valentine’s Day doodle in past years.

Valentine’s Day celebrations are very popular all over the world although there are many criticisms and objections. A day especially for love is something very significant in this busy world where people don’t have time to spend with the loved ones. This year also world is celebrating it with parties and get together.

Everywhere including main streets, cities, shopping malls, tourist spots we can see reddish decorations with flowers, balloons and glittering decorative materials. Shopping malls and gift shows are flooding with Valentine gifts and cards. In every place we can see people rushing to buy gifts for their loved ones.

Young people eagerly wait for the day to express their love to their loved ones. Love is the perfect feeling which give us energy to live. So a day dedicated for the love is welcomed with open hands in most of the places. In some places Valentine’s Day celebrations are banned due to certain reasons. But the place where celebrations are not banned, this is the perfect day to show your love.

Valentine’s Day celebrations is associated with the death of St. Valentine. Legends say that St. Valentine was the priest who helped the young soldiers lived during the Claudius II who refused the right to marry by soldiers. Claudius thought that family will be a burden for soldiers to work sincerely for the nation. At this stage St. Valentine helped the soldiers to get married. On hearing this news Emperor put him in prison and killed. People believe this will pray to St. Valentine on this day.

All over the world we can see many public celebrations and parties in this day. Lover day wishes are given to the whole world by Google in its unique way by this special and beautiful doodle.