Bird’s sharing love in Valentine’s Day 2009 Google Doodle 2

On the Valentine’s Day of 2009, two doodles were introduced by Google on its home page. One doodle was published on the homepage of ten countries and other one on the rest of places. First one included XO, to represent hug and kiss in it while the second one included pictures of love, beautiful birds sharing their love.

Valentine’s Day 2009
Valentine’s Day 2009 (February 14, 2009)

As in the Valentine’s Day 2009 doodle 1, there is a replacement for the letter ‘o’ in the second one also. In the first doodle it was with letter ‘X’ the letter ‘o’ was substituted while in the second one it was replaced by a heart shape which symbolizes love.

In both the doodle for Valentine’s Day 2009 Google included only small changes in the doodle to express the specialty of the day. Google doodle for this day were been special always. Google way of wishing the day is always by publishing special doodle.

It’s for the first time Google coming up with two different doodle for Valentine’s Day. Though there was two doodle both of them reflected the theme of love in it with all beauty and simplicity of love.

As we know celebration of this day got great importance by 19th century though before that period also people celebrated the day for love on the feast day of Valentine. Today we can see a wide celebration with dance, music, party and decorations all around the globe. Main celebrations on this day takes place in cities.

People come together with their loved ones to celebrate this day to their favorite places. It’s common to see people sharing gifts and sweets to their lovers on the day. Main decorations of this day includes red color in it. Red rose which is the symbol of love is given to the loved ones on the day to show the density of love.

Flower shops, gifts shops and shopping malls will be flooding with people who are in hurry to buy presents to give to their lovers. Feeling of love can’t be expressed in words, it can be only conveyed through the affection and care. So all will try to make their lovers happy on the day by doing whatever they like. Google also spread the message of love on the day with this special valentine doodle.