Valentine’s Day 2009 Google doodle

Valentine’s Dayis a very special day for those who are in need of love and for those who want to express their love. People waits for this beautiful day dedicated for love every year to make the loved one feel how much they love them by giving gifts, sharing love and making them happy.

Valentine’s Day 2009 Google doodle
Valentine’s Day 2009 Google doodle (February 14, 2009)

Google always made the lovers day special by publishing special doodle on homepage. In the year 2009, Google published two different doodles on their homepage on this day.Valentine’s Day 2009 Google doodle published on 10 countries including US, Canada, China and Taiwan doodle appeared in a complete red color.

The first ‘o’ in the Google logo in the doodle is replaced with the letter ‘X’ which means kiss and second ‘o’ in the doodle is also included with slight difference from the common logo in red color. Now you may be thinking why Google replaced letter ’o’ with X. Yes, there is a reason it is to make the logo XO which points kiss and hug.

Happy Valentine' Day
Happy Valentine’ Day[Image Credit :yelp]
Love is emotion which makes human live a better life and make the world best place to live. Without love there is no life. Everyone want to get love in one way or other to have a better life. So this day dedicated for love has got great value for those who believe in love.

It’s the feast day of a Christian saint Valentine celebrated as Valentine’s Day as he was believed to help young soldiers getting married when there was a restriction for it by the Emperor. It’s also known as V Day in many places.

People mostly celebrate the day by taking the loved ones out for a picnic, giving gifts and sweets.In the places were Valentine’s Day celebration is not restricted we can see beautiful decorations of red roses, red balloons and flowers.

Red is the color of love. In the Google doodle on the home page also we can see the clear reflection of love in red colors. Sweetness and beauty of innocent love lives forever. It’s the beauty of love which make this doodle more beautiful on the lover’s day.