Valentine’s Day 2005 Google Doodle with Red Roses

Google had given many Valentine’s Day doodle since 2000 to the world on February 14th. Similarly in the year 2005 also Google came up with beautiful doodle. Doodle on the Google homepage looked simple and cute.

Valentine’s Day 2005 Google Doodle
Valentine’s Day 2005(February 14, 2005)

Valentine’s Day 2005 Google Doodle  included red roses which symbolizes love in it. A beautiful red rose bouquet in which roses are arranged in the shape of heart replaced the first Google letter ‘o’ in the logo. We can also see the fallen red petals near a ribbon on the bottom part of doodle. Red is the color related with love always. So the inclusion of these roses in red conveyed the message of specialty of the day with all its simplicity and beauty.

Love is a special feeling that gives the energy for everyone to live. So a dedicated for love is something special.  Love has become the topics for many poems, stories, films and articles from long back itself. “Parliament of Foules” Geoffrey was the first poem in which Valentine’s Day was related to love. He wrote this poem to wish King Richard II and Anne on their anniversary of engagement in the year 1382. Valentine’s Day or simply V Day is that special day which is dedicated for love. As in all cases there are many legends and beliefs related to the observance of the day.

Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day
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It’s believed that Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the death anniversary of St. Valentine. He was a man who fought against the Emperor Claudius II who refused the right to get married by the young man in the country. He published this rule in the country as he thought that unmarried man performed well than married man in the battles.

St. Valentine at this time helped young man to marry their loved ones secretly. One day Emperor Claudius came to know about this and he put him to prison and later killed him. It was believed that St. Valentine was died on February 14th. Thus on every year people started the custom of praying to St. Valentine and it became a large celebration all over.

Valentine’s Day celebration is widely related with red color. We can’t imagine a Valentine’s Day without red color. Beautiful red roses are given to the loved ones on this day. Today young people eagerly wait for this day to express their love to their loved ones. On this day in every street, malls and restaurants will be decorated with red roses, balloons and red hearts. It’s a very beautiful sight. Apart from decorations shops will be flooding with variety of Valentine’s Day cards and gifts.

On the Valentine’s Day 2005 Google gifted this beautiful doodle on this day to take part in the happiness of the loving hearts.