Valentine’s Day 2001 Google Doodle with Teddy Bear

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated for love.Valentines Day doodle was a Valentine’s day gift for the world by Google. Doodle reflected the beauty and sweetness of the day.It conveyed the message of love.

Valentine’s Day 2001 Google Doodle
Valentine’s Day 2001 Google Doodle (February 14, 2001)

Doodles are an alternative to express the specialty of a day by the Google rather than explaining about it in large essays. Valentine’s Day 2001 Google Doodle is simply beautiful. It reflected the love on this romantic day. Valentine’s Day doodle on 2001 included  logo alphabets with two bears hiding hearts which symbolizes love in their hand at the right and left ends.

There are many legends behind the celebration of Valentine’s Day. One of the story says that , it is in memory of Saint Valentine’s death, the day was celebrated .Valentine was a priest who lived in AD 270 at the time of Emperor Claudius II. Claudius denied the right of young man getting married finding that unmarried men performs well in battles than the married man.

Valentine found this rule was an injustice and continued to join together the loved ones in the binding of marriage in secret.  When emperor came to know about it he put him to death. It was believed that day is February 14th and started to dedicate that day to Saint Valentine.

Valentine’s Day was related to romance and love after the poem written by Geoffery Chaucer “The parlement of faules” in 1382. This poem was written by Geoffrey to honor King Richard II of England and Anne of Bohemia on the first anniversary of their engagement. Otto de Grandson, John Gower and Pardo are some others who wrote poems on this topic at earlier times. From there the stories related to Valentine’s Day begun.

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The major celebrations takes place commonly takes place in western countries. Shops, malls, public places, parks, gardens everywhere we can see decorations with beautiful red roses, balloons and lights.

Red colored decorations are seen everywhere on this day as it is regarded as the color of love. Gifts and flower are exchanged between the loved ones on this special day. Parties and special programs are arranged everywhere .

Though there are many followers for this day there exists many conflicts and criticism based on the celebration of this day. In Saudi Arabia the sale of Valentine’s Day cards where banned from the year of 2002 to 2008. In those years the sale of red roses and red gift items were restricted.

Although there are many criticisms and oppositions, loving hearts waits for this day .To love and to be loved is the basis of human life .So a day dedicated for love ‘The Valentine’s Day’ has got great significance and importance.