Valentine’s Day 2000 Google Doodle on lover’s day

On the beautiful occasion of Valentine’s Day Google dedicated a doodle on the behalf of all lovers. Valentine’s Day also called Feast of Saint Valentine. It is a feast celebrated for love and affection. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 according to the declaration given by Western Christian Churches.

Valentine's Day 2000 Google Doodle
Valentine’s Day 2000 (February 14, 2000)
St. Valentine
St. Valentine
[ Image Credit : blackfish ]
Valentine’s Day 2000 Google Doodle is attractive and it mainly focuses the feeling of love. When we give a first look at it we can see that 2 o’s in Google logowas replaced by 2 hearts, the symbol of love.

One heart with red and other with yellow color. Also there is a cupid on the left side with wings who comes to earth as to spread love in the world. Cupid is carrying a bow, which is directed to lovers. In all doodle succeed to convey the idea which means for.

In Eastern countries Valentine’s Day is celebrated on July 6th and July 30th for honoring the Roman presbyter Saint Valentine and Hieromartyr Valentine respectively. The association of love and romance to this day is grown by time. Before that it is only celebrated to commemorate the Christian saints named Valentinus.

The name of celebration is associated with love and romance during the tradition of courtly love in 15th century. There is no romantic element associated with the biographies of any martyrs. But the situation changed when saint of Valentine is connected to romance in 14th century. In modern day St. Valentine’s Day is dedicated to celebrate the feeling of love and romance.

It is turned in to a romantic mood celebration in which lovers express their feelings, exchange gifts and send greeting cards etc. It is special to give red roses on the Valentine’s Day to someone special.

Till 19th century the hand written messages are the special greetings given to lover. In 20th century heart shaped doves, winged cupids, doves, roses were become the symbols of celebration. Now a day modern generation celebrates it with SMS and internet.