Use Android applications on Mac OS X

A few months before bluestack application player show you a tool to use android applications on Windows OS. now they jump to next major OS, to Mac OS X. Now you can use android applications on Mac OS X with bluestack application player.Use Android applications on Mac OS X

BlueStack Company had release Mac alpha version in June. At that time users are limited to use only a number of applications. The new BlueStack application player for Mac OS X in beta allows us to use vast amount of android applications. Now more than 750000 plus android applications are effortlessly works with Mac with BlueStack application player.

The BlueStack application player was developed by the research of more than 100 engineers for two years. The partnership with popular chipmaker AMD helps the BlueStack to developing such an effective application player. In October 2011 the first alpha version of BlueStack player for PC got released. Within three month BlueStack application player hits one million downloads. By the end of 2011 BlueStack application player is available for Windows XP, Vista and for Windows 7. BlueStack honored with best software awards in CES 2012.

The beta version of the innovative application player got 1 million downloads in just 9 days. At that time the partnership of BlueStack is forged with halfbrick, pulse, comzus…Etc. Within a short time of official release BlueStack application player is preloaded in more than 30 million PCs. Today we are blessed with BlueStack application player in beta for Mac. With BlueStack application player Mac users can choose their favorite application and get involved in it. After the installation of BlueStack application player users can choose any of application stores like Google Play Amazon…Etc.

The focus of BlueStack is to provide multi-OS runtime environment for the applications. That is the applications developed for different operating systems can be executed simultaneously. BlueStack provides an embedded visualization to all users. So users can experience a complete android experience on all PCs and Mac. Its user interface is completely configurable. Now people from more than about 100 countries using BlueStack application player.

“For developers BlueStack is also hoping that the Mac launch will help make going. Android first more attractive. We look at it from the POV of our mobile developer partner. Now with BlueStack building for android first means they will get on all PCs and Macs” The BlueStack VP of business development John Gargiulo says. Users can get the BlueStack beta for Mac OS from the official site.