US Vote 2000 Google Doodle

On the occasion of  United States presidential election,  Google released this doodle US Vote 2000 ,on November 7. American presidential election held on Nov 7 in which Republican George W. Bush narrowly lost the popular vote to Democrat Al Gore but defeated Gore in the Electoral College.

US Vote 2000 Google Doodle
US Vote 2000(November 7, 2000)

After serving the nation as a president for maximum two terms the great president Bill Clinton vacates from his position. According to terms allowed by the Twenty-second Amendment there is a limitation of maximum 2 terms for a person to be president of United States.

On the occasion of United States president election Google released a simple doodle. There is not much change in usual logo, but the first ‘o’ in ‘Google’ is replaced by a pin button. The pin button contains the stars that refers to the national flag of US and in which ‘VOTE’ is written. Apart from this little change there is nothing different from the usual logo. Google maintains the simplicity in their US Vote 2000 Google Doodle  while conveying the importance of the day.

2000 U.S. Presidential Election Result Map

Initially Gore was declared as winner in Florida. But later it was announced that Bush has amazing lead. Gore called Bush to concede the election. But later the race came to the position in which the difference was of just 600 votes.

US Vote 2000 results was a milestone in the history of US election.  Due to some controversies there happened, a machine recount in Florida election. Bush was announced as winner in Florida by 537 votes but the legal battles and controversies remained there.

Bush was declared as winner by acquiring 271 votes against 266 votes of Gore. Bush won by getting one vote more than required. It is considered as the most popular electoral poll from since 1888. Gore won the popular vote over Bush by some 500,000 votes and is considered as the famous electoral inversion.