Google Marks Uruguay Independence Day 2014 with Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle in Uruguay Marks the anniversary of Independence attained on 1825 August 25.It’s from Brazil Uruguay gined Independence on the day after long fights and struggles.

uruguay independence day 2014 google doodle

Within Uruguay 2014 Independence day Doodle you can see that the second ‘O’ within official logo replaced by chivito, The national dish of Uruguay,can also see a small flag of Uruguay on that sandwich styled dish. The remaining letters of official logo of Google also have theme of national flag of Uruguay.

Clicking on the Google Doodle for Uruguay Independence Day 2014, Google search page for ‘ Uruguay Independence Day’ will be listed. Wishing Uruguayans doodle will be present for 24 hours on homepage.

Uruguay Independence Day

Uruguay Independence Day is celebrated every year on 25 August to commemorate the birth of independent country after the long struggle and victory over Brazilian Empire. It’s in 1816, Brazil dominated Uruguay and in the same year fight for freedom began there.

Large and small struggles and battles occurred for 9 years and at last on 25 August 1825, freedom of Uruguay became a reality. This South American country is one of the first to attain democratic rule.

Uruguay Independence Day is celebrated with great importance in every pace around the country. National flag, decorations, historic speeches, parades, fire works are common on the day in Uruguay.

Independence Day is one among the 5 mandatory paid holiday in Uruguay. As it’s a holiday, joining with family, friends and relatives people make the day special every year.Uruguayan National Anthem is sung in official functions of the day.¬†Francisco Acuna de Figueroa wrote lyrics for the national anthem ‘Orientales, la Patria o la Tumba’ adapted on 8 July 1833.

National Flag is one of the most important thing Uruguayans use on Independence Day to show respect for the nation. Flag includes Sun of May emblem representing the freedom and 9 stripes representing 9 provinces existed during time of adaptation of flag.

On this most celebrated holiday, Google with this doodle wishes ‘ Happy Independence Day Uruguay 2014’.