Uruguay Independence Day 2013 doodle with national bird and sun

Uruguay Independence Day 2013 doodle featuring sun, national bird and flag colored ribbons appears on Google Uruguay on August 25th. Uruguay celebrates its 188th Independence day on August 25th of 2013.

Uruguay Independence Day 2013 doodle
Uruguay Independence Day 2013(Aug 25, 2013)

Google Doodle for Uruguay Independence Day 2013 includes image of the national bird southern lapwing, symbol of sun appearing in national flag. We can also find ribbon in national flag color blue and white in the doodle. National bird southern lapwing is replacing the Google alphabet ‘g’ in the doodle.

We can see the may sun with sixteen ray in triangular and wavy shapes in the doodle replacing the second ‘o’ in the Google logo.

Google doodle similar to the Uruguay Independence Day 2013 doodle with national bird holding ribbon in beak appeared in the Google homepage on Venezuela independence day 2013 and Paraguay independence day 2013 too.

Uruguay also known by the name Eastern Republic of Uruguay gained independence from Brazil in the year 1825. Though they became independent in 1825, the first constitution was formed in Uruguay on 1830 July 18th.

Uraguayans celebrate their Independence day with parades, sports, cultural festivals and fireworks every year. Uruguay Independence Day 2013 is expected to be similarly grand as in previous years.

On the occasion of Uruguay Independence Day 2013, Secretary of State John Kerry came up with wishes for the Uraguayans. He stated that:

On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I send best wishes to the Uruguayan people on the 188th anniversary of your nation’s independence this August 25.

Our relationship is strong and rooted in the shared values of democracy, rule of law, and human rights. In these and other areas, Uruguay is an important partner for the United States and a model for other nations. We look forward to expanding institutional and educational exchanges, exploring new opportunities for trade between our countries, and continuing to cultivate our relationship in the years to come.

Google on the 188th anniversary of independence of Eastern Republic of Uruguay, valued the nation and their contributions with this doodle.