Updated Vine supports Facebook sharing and hashtags

The Twitter ownered Vine is one of the most popular social networking sharing tools existing today. The 15 second video support of Instagram became a serious threat for Vine. Now Twitter is trying to add more features to Vine to compete with Instagram. Updated Vine supports Facebook sharing and hashtags.

Updated Vine supports Facebook sharing and hashtagsThe video sharing social networking tool Vine was only available for iOS at first time. In short time the application became the most downloaded application within the Apple app store. Also the Vine entitled as the most used video sharing application in internet. As the popularity of Vine got  increased in short time Twitter release the android version of this application earlier in this month. Now the new updation within the application brings features such as Facebook sharing, hashtag and user search.

Updated Vine supports Facebook sharing and hashtags

Vine for android also becomes popular in day by day. The new features within the updated version make this application even more innovative. Twitter revealed about the new updation through official account for Vine. The Facebook sharing surely turns to be best ever feature within this video sharing application. The 6 second videos created with Vine application have ability to convey the messages in faster mode. The support for sharing to the social networking giant Facebook surely increases the usability of this application.

The cache clearing option within the settings of Vine application for android helps to main the processing speed at optimum level always. The searching facility within the Vine also gets improved by this updation. Now you can find out the friends around you much faster than before. The hashtag supports stands as a perfect tool to find out the different things with perfect keywords. It filtered out the desired things from a large amount of data easily.Vine Twitter

Also the updation brings the application to much faster processing and capturing speed. Twitter also reported that they will bring even more features to Vine application in coming weeks. As competition between Instagram became at its peak level Twitter insisted to boast this application with new innovative features. We can hope that it will happen soon.