updated FB android application with visibility priorities

Out of 1.2 billion users of social networking giant Facebook 680 million uses their mobile to connect with friends. In such way the Facebook app are top hit at app stores. Today Facebook rolled out updated FB android application with visibility priorities.

updated android application with visibility priorities

You can download the newest version of Facebook application for android from Google Play. The most focusing feature within new updation is visibility option for the shared thing. Now you can device whether your shared things goes to visible for public, friends or by yourself.  You can also decide it through custom mode.

updated android application with visibility priorities

The option to send multiple photos through a single message is the next feature within this updation. It helps you to share the files more easily. So the snaps from your Smartphones can be easily shared to your friends in one tap. These updations are also available for the Facebook Home users.Screen shots

In Facebook Home the updation add a new feature which helps you to add the applications that you want to look u for. The other interesting thing about this updation is as Facebook integrated the ‘Home’ with Facebook app you only have to update one to get the new features for both.

Facebook app is still more popular than Facebook Home. Many users didn’t like to switch for the social home. Only the hard core Facebook lovers uses that feature. Even though chat heads and cover feed are liked by everyone. These two features remain as the backbone of Facebook Home. Also the new updation with the Facebook app surely turns your social experience to next level.

Top image credit : seogon