Upcoming Google X phone will features next generation android

Moto X is the first ever Smartphone that is going to reveal after the acquisition of the company by Google. As by reports upcoming Google X phone will features next generation android .

Upcoming Google X phone will features next generation android The new X Smartphone is developed by Google along with Motorola mobility,will debut as Motorola X phone. Google will make the release of Moto X phone in the second half of 2013. Google X phone will feature next generation android operating system, sounds Key lime pie.

Google didn’t give any indication of android key lime pie. It is also have a chance for the introduction of upgraded version of Jelly Bean version. In that case the release of Key Lime Pie version will come in late.

Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie provides better social networking experience through advanced applications,will bring new Google+ widgets for all devices running on it. Android Key Lime Pie will also haveadvanced video calling applications.

The cross SMS synchronization of the OS helps you to get all messages from different connections on one place. The multiple device support allows you to complete a task through more than one device. Also multitasking becomes easier with Key Lime Pie. It focused for high level security for online activities.

Key Features of Android 5.0:-

  • Better profile management through automatic updation.
  • Inbuilt video calling applications.
  • Multiple device supports.
  • Easy multi-tasking.
  • Keeps everything in low power consuming state.
  • Cross SMS synchronization.
  • Better social networking applications.
  • Secures environment.

According to the reports Motorola X phone will have a 5 inch edge to edge display. Google brings new UI through this Smartphone. It is not at all a Nexus device. Motorola X phone is new line Smartphone which is developed through the support of search giant Google. The phone will get 4G LTE network support from Verizon. Also it is reported that X phone will have improved camera and features like that of Samsung’s S beam. For better usage Google managed to make the upcoming Smartphone as light as possible. Also Google make available the X phone in the market with affordable price tags.