Upcoming blackberry A10 images spotted online

Several sources already reported that of Blackberry currently working on their new flagship Smartphone. It will debut as Blackberry A10. Today upcoming blackberry A10 images spotted online.

upcoming Blackberry A10As marketing of Smartphones became really tough in this year the manufactures make content effort to provide innovative Smartphone. As bigger screen phones became a trend today Blackberry also plans to develop handset upon that category. The new Blackberry A10 handset will feature larger screen. The upcoming blackberry A10 images prove this factor.

From the leaked images of upcoming Blackberry A10 we can understand that larger screen and have a Galaxy SIV like design. The blackberry A10 will have round edges. The phone won’t have any physical button within the front phase. The entire area is covered by the display.

Upcoming Blackberry A10 will have a 5 inch AMOLED display, will powered by dual-core processor. Blackberry A10 also supported by 2GB RAM. The sources also reported that Blackberry A10 will be an updated handset of previously released Z10 phone. Theylaunched back the Blackberry Z10 phone in the month of January.Blackberry A10

The Blackberry Z10 only has a screen size of 4.3 inch. So the larger screen size itself becomes a focusing change within upcoming blackberry A10 phone. The storage space about Blackberry A10 is unknown. The phone will runs on Blackberry 10 operating system. The merged home screen and resizable widgets within Blackberry 10 operating system provide better user experience.

The active frames within Blackberry 10 operating system provide quick accessing of applications. It also reminds you about what one particular application stands for. The OS will mainly provide three or four frames at a time with priority of usage. The QNX core system within Blackberry 10 provides batter battery performance for the device running on it.

The camera specifications and other details about Blackberry A10didnt reported till now. It is thinks to be the phone will introduce in the month of November.