Unknown services of Google

Everyone across the world is aware about fact that Google is not only  provide service of search engine but also have services like Gmail ,G-map ,Google earth and up to Google buzz. But still there are some cool Services from the internet giant which are unknown to common people.

unknown services of google

Google news timeline

Google news timeline is a service of Google which  allow the user to organize the news or any other   information by date. if anyone want old news about   appliance then you only have to do a single task just type   phrase in search box also mention the date which you   want to get. You will get whole data about apple which would released in that particular date

Google in quotes

Google in quotes is a service that displays famous and recent  quotes made by the world’s famous politicians. this will  help you to get update about political news. But as it is a  limited section and everyone will not interested in politics  Google now get ready to expand the service to sports  movies science etc. so that you will get update comments  of  your favorite movie star sport men politicians…etc at one click.

Google patent search

Google patent is a search engine service that checks for   whether the current patent is   existing or not. It includes   patents and patented applications from united states patent and trademark office. this search engine use   optical character reorganization for make the pages  searchable. If your working for a software algorithm then you can check with Google patent search for whether it is existing or not.

Google image swirl

Google image swirl is a visualization tools that is upgraded To Google image results to gives out groups and sub groups of images which are based on one main image. This group is formed according to visual and semantic similarity to base Image.

Google code search

Google code search is a advanced service from Google Which allow the user to get free codes from open source platform.  The search results will  available  on various formats.