Get unknown mobile number information through SMS in India

We knew about global telephone directory service truecaller which is available for Smartphone and web. Now get unknown mobile number information through SMS in India. It is provided by truecaller along with Innoz Company for the Non-Smartphone users in India.

unkwnon mobile no information through SMSIn India there are about 900 million active mobile phone users. It is not at all an easy task to find out the unknown calls receiving in each mobile. The availability of SIM card in cheap rates also causes this problem. That is why truecaller along with Innoz introduced SMS integrated service for finding out details of unknown mobile numbers.

Innoz is a wireless and mobile innovative Indian Company. Their much popular 55444 service allows the users to access web informations from different category through SMS. Now this technology along with true caller API allows the non-Smartphone users to find out unknown mobile number informations through SMS.

So now the 55444 service in Indian can provide contact details from truecaller directory. The data includes the details on landline numbers, mobile numbers and international numbers with name, service provider, region and true caller score. The name and truecaller score only will available if the contact is within the truecaller dictionary.

how to get unknown mobile number information through SMS

  • Open message service from your mobile.
  • Type trace <the 10 digit mobile number/landline number> (here you have to mentioned about the unknown number which you wish to trace).
  • Send it to 55444.

You will get immediate replay from the service with contains informations about user name, service provider, region and truecaller score of that particular number. The service will demand a charge of 1 rupee per SMS. Surely it becomes a great service from truecaller and Innoz as the new service allows the users to find out the details of unknown number without having surfing through web. It is simpler and effective method for nom-Smartphone users to get unknown mobile number information.