Uncle Sam search Google Doodle on 1999 November 30

Uncle Sam is one of the specialized search engines of Google.This search engine Uncle Sam focused mainly on governmental and political news of United States. Now the search was dropped by the Google. Two Google doodle were released by Google on 30th November 1999. These Uncle Sam search Google Doodle on the Google homepage on 30th November 1999 were in relation with this Uncle Sam search.

Uncle Sam search Google Doodle #1
Uncle Sam search #1 (November 30, 1999)

Google search engine is a most widely used search engine used over internet. Google now provide also possible kinds of search result. Whatever may be the requirement of the public, Google search, results with the relevant information .

Uncle Sam can be named as pioneer of all search engines by Google. It mainly provided information’s of governmental issues and resources. Though this search engine was not in use today at the time of it existence it has got a wide usage.  Now search for Uncle Sam will be redirected to the Google home page.

On November 30th1999, the Google homepage landed on United States consisted of a doodles named Uncle Sam search #1 and Uncle Sam search #2. It was when the search engine Uncle Sam was in existence .The logo alphabets where designed with flag colors of United States in Uncle Sam search Google Doodle #1 and Uncle Sam search Google Doodle #2 it consisted of flag itself. The services provided by this search engine were largely used by people at those times when it was in existence.

Uncle Sam search Google Doodle #2
Uncle Sam search #2(November 30, 1999)

Doodle shows the importance of Uncle Sam search engine in United States. Uncle Sam poster is listed among the famous poster by Library of Congress America.

National personification of United States is what ‘Uncle Sam’ is. It was at the time of world war this came in to existence. Legends say that this name supposed to be evolved in honor of Samuel Wilson.

The use of name Uncle Sam was first appeared in 1816 in literature. It was in a book written by Fredrik Agustus ’The adventure of Uncle Sam in search after his lost honor’ .While some others say that it refers to the government and the power and brother Jonathan stand for country.

Uncle Sam is a familiar icon knows by almost all Americans. There are many two memorials for Uncle Sam, one in massactues and other one in New York. Sam popularity was much great that German intelligence agency codenamed United States as Sam land during the time of Second World War.

It is relevant that Google put the name Uncle Sam for the search engine which is developed to provide the information of United States governmental issues. Uncle Sam search of Google is the oldest search engine developed by Google.

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