Google Celebrates Ukraine Independence Day 2014 with Fruitful Doodle

23rd Independence Day of Ukraine is marked today on Google homepage with change in Google logo. Instead of usual Google logo, you can see many fruitful trees , people and birds doodled in it.

Ukraine Independence Day 2014 Google Doodle
Ukraine Independence Day 2014 Google Doodle(August 24, 2014)

Ukraine Independence Day doodle is designed by artist Vladyslav Yerko, the guest artist from Yerko.Google Doodle, clicking on it list search link of Ukraine Independence Day, also it will be present for 24 hours on Google Ukraine homepage.

Ukraine Independence Day

Independents of Ukraine was marked on 24 August 1991. On the very same year this day, the anniversary day of Independence is declared as a national holiday. Now, on 23rd August, day before Independence day is observed as the National flag Day.

Celebrations have already started in Ukraine. Main programs of the day includes parades, national flag hoisting program and fireworks at night. All around Ukraine and also around the world were Ukrainians live celebrations of Independence Day takes place on 24 August.

In Ukraine, it’s in capital city Kiev, major celebrations including military parade take place. President will participate in Independence Day function and lay flowers on Independence Monuments to show respect for all those who fought for the country.

As in Google Doodle, you can see  decorations in Ukrainian flag colors every were on Independence Day. Another major attraction of the day is the flower exhibition arranged at park in Kiev. By 2010, Independence Day turned to be the most celebrated occassion in Ukraine.

Greeting of Anniversary of  Independence is flowing to the country from different places. As it is an official Holiday in Ukraine, people come and celebrate the day with friends and family with outings and partying. Google have published special doodle to wish people over Ukraine the happiness of freedom in previous years too.

This fruitful Google doodle gives a new hope and spark of freedom to Ukrainians. So Happy Independence Day Ukraine.