Ukraine Independence Day 2013 doodle including national flower and pysanky

Google celebrated Ukraine Independence Day 2013 with a doodle. Today Ukrainians celebrates 22nd Independence Day of the nation.Google doodle included ingredients which points about the Ukrainian culture.

Ukraine Independence Day 2013 (Aug 24, 2013)
Ukraine Independence Day 2013 (Aug 24, 2013)

Ukraine Independence Day 2013 includes the image of their national flower and Pysanky. Google alphabet ‘o’ is replaced with the sunflower and other letters with pysankys in the Ukraine Google doodle. Decorated Pysankys are commonly seen at the festive occasions of Ukraine and it is a part of Ukranian tradition.

The Ukraine Independence Day 2013 doodles background includes sky. It symbolises Ukraine national flag top color and the prosperity of the nation. With this doodle on Independence Day Google shared the happiness with Ukrainians in their own style.

Ukrainians was ruled over by Russia for many years. August coup attempt led by Sovient Union members to take control from president Gorbachev was a turning point in declaration of Ukraine independence. As a consequence of this, Act of declaration of independence of Ukraine got adopted. Finally, on 24th August 1991, the Ukraine was declared as a democratic nation.

Ukraine Independence Day 2013 Programs

Ukraine follows parliamentary system. Every Ukrainians celebrates the day of independence in a grand way. Since 2004 Ukraine observe 23rd of August as Flag Day. This is one among the most celebrated Ukraine holiday. It’s to commemorate the flag hoisting on this day in 1990 at Kyiv this ceremony is observed. This year national flag of Ukraine is hoisted by president Viktor Yanukovych. After that he visited monument to liberators at Glory memorial, Ukraine and laid flowers.

As in previous years Ukraine Independence Day 2013 also includes many variety programs starting from morning parade, games and ending at the night fireworks. This year Ukraine government have established more than 10000 police officers to make the law and order maintained during the independence day functions. This points out the concern for national security by the Ukraine government.