UK customers shows more demand for Galaxy SIV than Galaxy SIII

The most awaited Samsung Galaxy SIV gets launched on 14th March. The innovative Samsung phone is featured with the specifications that we never seen with other ones. UK customers shows more demand for Galaxy SIV than Galaxy SIII.

UK customers shows more demand for Galaxy SIV than Galaxy SIII

After the official launching Samsung Galaxy SIV get listed in all top headlines. The UK based customers who registered for favorite Smartphones very huge in numbers. It is about 40% more than that of Galaxy SIII. The innovative Smartphone is available in the market from the month of April onwards.

The main factor behind Galaxy SIV success is that company included all specifications that in with Galaxy SIII in addition to other features. Upon the first look we feel that Galaxy SIV is a bigger version of Galaxy SIII. From the 4.8 inch screen that we see with Galaxy SIII is get promoted to 5.0 inch in Galaxy SIV. The full-HD super AMOLED display in 1920*1080px resolution gives a new generation experience to the users. The 441 pixel density within the new Samsung Smartphone is much higher than that of any other handsets. It promises a better crisper display.

Other than Galaxy SIII the new handset from the Company is powered by two different processors. The LTE version of Galaxy SIV is powered by 1.9GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor. The international 3G version is powered by 1.6GHz Octa-core Exynos processor. By this way processors Samsung thinking of to provide the service at its best.

Samsung Galaxy SIV is boasted with many features that we never seen with previous device. The eye tracking is first among them. The innovative Smartphone is helps us to rad the webpages, messages and mails with simple eye movements. We don’t have to put any single effort to experience the web surfing with Galaxy SIV.

We are all gets impressed by the air view technology that seen with Galaxy Note II. In the same manner we can control the Galaxy SIV. We don’t have to touch with the screen to make selections or to launch different services. The electrical filed that created within the finger point is detected by screen and responds quickly.

The Smart pause technology within the Samsung Galaxy SIV will automatically turns the video in still mode whenever our attention is out of the screen. It helps to watch the multimedia contents without having a single miss. We can also controls the song sequence by just waving our hands in desired directions.

The phone is runs on android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system. It is the latest android update released till date. There is also a chance to get upgrade of android 5.0 Key Lime Pie which is scheduled for May release. So Galaxy SIV has a smooth and secured performance than that of Galaxy SIII.

The phone also has a better battery standby than off Galaxy SIII. It is powered by 2600mAh Li-Ion battery. The rate of Galaxy SIV is not yet announced by Samsung. The official market release of the phone will starts from first week of April. Surely the phone will makes a same successive trend that we encountered with Galaxy S series.