Uganda Independence Day 2012 doodle with grey crowned crane

On the occasion of Uganda Independence Day 2012 Google released this doodle. It was after a long season of hard work Uganda gained Independence. Uganda got freedom on 9th October 1962 .

Uganda Independence Day 2012 Google doodle
Uganda Independence Day (October 9, 2012)

On the 50th anniversary of Independence, Google gifted Uganda Independence Day 2012 doodle for people in Uganda. Doodle is designed by using colors of flag of Uganda that is black, red and yellow. As in the flag , Google doodle also consist of six band like divisions in the alphabets.

Black color in the flag represents the African people, the yellow color symbolizes African sunshine and the red color in the flag reflects the African brotherhood. We can also see the bird, the grey crowned crane in the doodle. In the flag Crane is figured in the center. The reason for the selection of the crane is its gentle nature. Google’s doodle on this day reflects the respect and specialty of the day.

Uganda Independence Day 2012 doodle
The mood has been all cheery and celebratory in the runner up to the Golden Jubilee fete. (Image Credit :newvision)

It was on the 9thof October Uganda gained independence from United Kingdom. The country took the name from the Buganda Kingdom. This was the place which covered large portion of the country including the capital.

Uganda is the pearl of Africa. The country is rich with variety of tradition and culture. People in Uganda are very friendly and open hearted. At the same time there is a large poverty and health problems worrying the country.

As like all other years this year also large Independence programs were organized in the country. As this was its 50th anniversary of Independence the sweetness of celebration was little more.