Ubuntu tablet OS release set for February 19

The open source Ubuntu OS for tablets is coming to the market soon, timer clock was put in the site with this announcement. Timer is running on and sounds Ubuntu tablet OS release  for February 19.

Ubuntu tablet OS releaseAccording to the earlier announcements it seemed that Ubuntu Linux based new OS for smartphones will come in this year. The sudden appearance of caption with the timer ‘Tick, tock tablet time’ on Ubuntu website by Canonical was an unexpected scenario for the followers.

Canonical community the guide behind the Ubuntu Project have already came up with the announcement that Ubuntu OS for nexus phone will be available on this February 21st. Mobile World Congress which is going to start on February 25th at Barcelona is the event all are looking forward for more news and updates.

Tablet version of Operating System that is expected to be available on this Tuesday will be something that goes with the Smartphone version going to be released in this year later. Ubuntu optimized version for tablets are expected to have all the features that it provided when available in desktops and laptops.

Though Android OS system is dominant in the market Ubuntu has also got some unique features and applications. The tablet optimized version of Ubuntu Operating system is said to be more flexible and available in new style. Easy installation, running and open source availability are main features which makes Ubuntu get attracted.

Now the tablet version for the OS is expected first. The first smartphone on Ubuntu OS will be hopefully arriving in the market by September or October of this year.  So now we can wait for few hours with patience to know more about it. Tablet OS Ubuntu will be hopefully a new experience for users.