UAE National Day 2010 Google Doodle to celebrate 39 year of freedom

UAE National Day 2010 Google Doodle was published by Google on December 2nd. On this very pride moment,  when United Arab Emirates celebrates their national day, UAE National Day 2010 Google Doodle reminds about the past history of prosperous and developing nation.

UAE National Day 2010 Google Doodle on December
UAE National Day 2010 (December 2, 2010)

On December 2, 2010 UAE celebrated their 39th National Day. UAE has been changed into celebration mood with lights, posters and flags before few weeks, and got ready to bang on 2nd December. UAE got freedom before 40 years ago.  In next 40 years, UAE made great developments.

UAE got freedom in 1971 after the rule of United Kingdom. The political system in UAE is based on the 1971 constitution. The constitution in UAE is different from democracy, and the entire decision power is in the hand of emirates.  Arabic is known as the official language of UAE and the majority region Muslim is known as the official region.

UAE is neither a fully republic nation nor constitutional monarchy. On the pride occasion of National Day UAE released a logo as an expression of how important the occasion of the 39th year march to the Union and the comprehensive renaissance witnessed by the UAE under the wise leadership led the UAE to achieve a historic achievement. It’s common that UAE organizes many programs for national days.

UAE 39th National Day
UAE 39th National Day Logo
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Abu Dhabi, proud capital of UAE, rapidly developed over the past four decades with an incredible rate, with infrastructure, housing and leisure facilities.

The date is marked as the special occasion where when the seven emirates were formally unified in Union House at the top of Diyafah Street, Dubai beneath the giant UAE flag that now marks the spot.

Now when we put an eye to the UAE National Day 2010 Google Doodle we can have the glimpse of past history of UAE. UAE National Day 2010 Google Doodle remembers us about the huge Mahal’s where the ruling emirates and legends lived.

This Google doodle visualized one of the cultural castles in UAE. This is known as one of the oldest fort in the Emirates and situated in center of Fujairah near Dubai. On each National Day UAE releases their logo which is a sign of their importance towards the pride moment. In the logo they specifies the number of years after the independence.