UAE National Day 2008 Doodle included National Animal Camel

As a part of UAE National Day 2008 doodle  released by Googleon December 2, 2008 included national animal camel walking trough desert.In this year UAE celebrated their 37th National Day. After the colonial ruling of United Kingdom UAE got freedom in 1971.

UAE National Day 2008 Doodle
UAE National Day 2008 (December 2, 2008)

The whole UAE turns in to festive mood before a week for a bang on National Day celebration. The streets are decorated with lights, posters and flags before few weeks and the whole month is filled with a patriotic spirit and pride for the UAE people. In each year National Day is celebrated with lot of events, decorations and activities.

After the 40 years of freedom the development and growth which the country have achieved is a good example before any country. In the past years it act as a bridge in between Eastern and Western countries and contributing greatly to their customs. It is also a hub for trade and travel and the nation has apparently stable economic structure compared to other countries.

UAE National Day 2008 Google Doodle was released by Google on this special occasion as to memorize about the past history of prosperous and fast-developing nation ‘United Arab Emirates’. In the  UAE National Day 2008 doodle Google pictured the symbols like desert, camel which is the specialty of Arab nations.

UAE National Flag
UAE National Flag [Image Credit :]
The ruling system in UAE is developed after 1971 based on the 1971 constitution. The constitution is entirely different from democracy and all of the rights are in the hands of emirates. Muslim is known as the official religion and Arabic is known as official language in UAE. UAE is neither a fully republic nation nor constitutional monarchy.

In each year UAE releases a National Day Logo as an expression of how important the occasion is and remembering the historic achievement. The logo specifies the number of years of freedom. Also UAE people celebrate this day with huge pride with plenty of colors, crackers and colorful artistic events.