U.S court cut down fine for Samsung to $599 million from $1 billion

The tech war between Samsung and Apple were not a new story. Last year US court have issued 1 billion dollar fine for Samsung to pay Apple for patent infringement. Now same U.S court cut down fine for Samsung to $599 million from $1 billion.

U.S court cut down fine for Samsung to $599 million from $1 billion It was US Court district judge Lucy Koh cut down the amount to be pay by Samsung for patent infringement. Samsung fans can now relax for some time. It was in August of 2012 Samsung was claimed to give $1 billion to the Apple Inc. for patent infringement.

Judge Lucy Koh stated that last while issuing the fine jury made mistake in the criteria that they followed for the judgment. They made main mistake in the time and the patent format. Jury calculated Samsung profit graph to issue the amount of fine for the pattern infringement that they found out. According to the rules this was applicable if the violation is regarding design patent but here it is said that this is for the utility patent.

The second factor for the reduction in amount that should be paid for Samsung was the mistake jury made regarding the period from which they calculated for imposing the fine. It was in August 4, 2010 Apple said that they met with patent infringement by Samsung.  Jury who issued the fine computed the amount to pay from the very starting point which was claimed by Apple Inc but Apple 381 Scroll back patent was not presented to Samsung till April 2011 and Apple also additionally included devices in June 2011. This all became the reason for the reduction in the amount that Samsung was initially fined to give to Apple Inc.

Both Samsung and Apple are best with the product models, features and application. Samsung is the leading brand which gives the products running in Android platform wide popularity while Apple have no one to compete with their unique design and efficiency.  There similar lawsuits between these two brands in more than eight countries.  Though Apple is trying to ban all the devices which they encountered to have patent infringement, laws regarding this was not yet issued.

Now it seems that Samsung is the only brand in the market that can overtake the Apple iPhone market. Samsung Galaxy device series is a clear cut example for the Samsung acceptance by the world. At the time of patent case in the court also it was Samsung Galaxy SIII, the leading device in the market. There is also a hand for Google in making Samsung to get this position. It’s the Android operating system used in almost all Samsung devices makes it the best flexible user friendly device manufacturers.