Google celebrates Tycho Brahe Birthday with Doodle

Google on December 2013 came up with a special doodle for the birthday celebration of Tycho Brahe. Tycho was well known astronomer and alchemist. Tycho Brahe Birthday doodle included his image.


Tycho Brahe Birthday doodle
Tycho Brahe Birthday doodle(December 14, 2014)

In Google Doodle that you can see above, Tycho is the center of attraction. Tycho’s image is portrayed in the Google doodle replaced loo alphabet ‘o’. Tycho’s birthday doodle was published in the homepage of selected countries.It was 467th Birthday of Tycho Google celebrated with this beautiful doodle. Another notable element of the doodle is the design of other alphabets, it’s also changes to match with the  theme of the day.

Tycho was born on 14th December. As mentioned before Tycho was an known astronomer of his time. The notable thing about his observations is that, its the time when no sophisticated mercenaries and instruments were there, when Tycho published his important findings on Supernova and other main theories.

Tycho was very much interested in astronomy. Tycho’s astronomical observations are valued today also in great extend. It’s Tycho who gave new methods and meaning to astronomy in 16th century. His talent made him a wealthy man of the era. It’s even believed that at a time 1% of entire wealth of Sweden, the birth place of Tycho is owned by him.

Some of the findings from Tycho’s was not accepted by the other astrologers of that time. Major among his observations are in  relation to the planetary motion, geo heliocentric astronomy and lunar theory. Though Tycho’s astronomical observations and findings made him known in world, he also had great knowledge on medicine and medicinal values. Tycho’s prefered medicines were used for treatments during the time.

In order to show respect for him, many places were renamed to his name after his death. A crater in moon and also in mars is given his name as a tribute to him. His findings on astronomy is given great importance today also. He was died on 1601 October 21.

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